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Environmentally Friendly Smoke Detector Tester

IN STOCK - $7.00 -

2.5oz Institutional Size
200+ sprays per

Size/Weight 70.5g

UL & ULC Listed, NFPA 72 Compliant Safe on sensors

Part #25S


Smoke Check, Smoke Detector Tester is Environmentally Friendly, does not contribute to Global Warming. This product is Kyoto and Montreal Protocol Compliant and also complies with the California standards. HSI products and tools are UL/ULC listed.

Smoke Detector Tester™ puts both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors through their paces to ensure that the circuitry, alarm and power is functioning and that they are actively sampling the air for any hint of a fire. Our patented formulation simulates the entire range of fire conditions giving you the confidence of knowing your fire alarm system will respond promptly to all fire condition. This product is approved for testing smoke detector function per NFPA 72 par. 8-2.4.1 when used as directed.

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