Meets and Exceeds OSHA standards!

$140.00 - IN STOCK -

  • The right supplies when you don't have time to search.
  • Complete instructions when you don't have time to hesitate.
  • Meets and exceeds OSHA standards.
  • Meets National First Aid Science Advisory Board Guidelines for CPR
  • Designed to HELP you HELP others
  • Now with QuikClot« care packs
  • Each system contains up to 5 times the number of supplies than the average first aid kit to treat the specific injury.
  • 13 care packs available
  • A unique patented Complete First Aid System
  • Re-supply is as easy as ordering a new pack
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    All injury care packs are heat-sealed so that each pack is waterproof, complete, and ready for use. Imagine the security of knowing that all the supplies you need are there when you need them. The Basic Care Pack is re-sealable so that more commonly used first aid items such as bandages and antiseptic wipes can easily be taken from the pack as needed.


    Each kit includes:
  • The highest quality supplies
  • Easy to read step-by-step illustrated instructions enclosed in each pack
  • Color- and icon-coded instruction cards for rapid identification
  • All-Ready« 22-page color-coded guidebook with instructions for 31 different first aid/medical emergencies
  • Soft-sided carry case
  • Carry case opens allowing full view and easy access of all packs
  • Carry case has sturdy handle with zipper closure